A platform with open-source code for creating technical documentation based on the concept of Docs as Code. A simple and convenient document management solution for large and small teams.

Platform Benefits

Ease of Use

Manage documents as if they were source code: in a familiar environment with minimal deployment and maintenance effort.

High Performance

Quickly create, check, and format large documents. Accelerate your work with full integration into your CI/CD infrastructure.

Standard Markdown Format

Simple syntax with built-in support for basic Markdown. Focus on the content itself, not on how to deliver it to the user.

Robust Functionality

Create documents of any level of complexity, including those generated from a single source and containing variables. Flexible display and personalization options to ensure user satisfaction.

Integration with document management systems

OpenAPI support out of the box. Facilitating the operation of specialized systems via the interface of connected external documents

Integrated Search Functionality

The most typical use case for document searching on the platform, without extra costs or support efforts.

Trusted by users

How does it work?


The Diplodoc platform has a client-server architecture, with the server part made up of Node.js components that generate and display documentation projects. This architecture ensures reliability and horizontal scaling, if needed.

Integration with GitHub

Diplodoc’s end-to-end integration with GitHub provides a simple and stable method for creating and deploying documentation projects. GitHub is used as a repository for document source code and the execution of project pipelines.


Companies using the Diplodoc service employ built-in mechanisms for document layout, indexing, and version tracking. Documents can be updated automatically or semi-automatically with the help of an administrator on the user’s side.

Use Yandex Flavored Markdown to create a document

How to get started with Diplodoc

Discuss the pilot project

Tell us about your project and goals, and the Diplodoc team will work with you to create documentation.

Try it yourself

Create and publish a documentation project for your product.

Check out the project on GitHub

We released our source code to the public. Help us to get better